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OK, a real sportsman does look a bit different from me, but I'm quite fanatic in moving activities - no wonder if pressing your back in a lab chair all day. If possible, I'm going for a swim regularly (1.000 m) and prefer walking (20 km). But my most liked sports are martial arts: I am doing Karate since 1989 and at present I am wearing the 3rd brown belt (1st kyu). For time reasons I was forced to stop practising with the beginning of my progressive studies and I made a break of 12 years, but since autumn 2009 I am back to business again. My next goal is to gain the 1st Dan (black belt) before I get 40 – time is running :-)!



For centuries, I am a real reading fan, no matter if it's a technical book or magazine (best: scientific / engineering) or a novel. My most preferred topics are SciFi (tribute to Isaac Asimov), Fantasy and historic novels, favourite authors are (a.o.) Paul Harding, Terry Pratchett (rumour has it that Capricorns lack of humour???) and Sir Arthur Conan Doyle (greetings to Sherlock...).



My absolutely most preferred pop band is and will be GENESIS, (even after the third changing of their lead vocalist), and this concerns all throughout the 30 years of their existence - depending on my mood. But I do also like what the band members are doing in their solo career (Phil Collins – but nothing of the rubbish he makes since 1995; Tony Banks, Mike Rutherford, Steve Hackett). Apart from that, I am also listening to The Alan Parsons Project, Tangerine Dream, Al Stewart, Dire Straits and Depeche Mode. As an undoubted member of the “Generation Golf” (sorry for this quite typical German expression) I also really like many of the mainstream pop songs from the Eighties. All-day easy-listening also includes actual chart songs or even a good piece of Techno. What I really dislike is HipHop und Rap – I call this “noise”. Anyone who simply cannot sing should not try to cash up by talking rhythmically...





Computers do not only determine my everyday work. They have been in the focus of my spare time for a long time. My first own computer was a C64 (the old bread box), in my opinion one of the most versatile home systems ever. There has never been a better way to learn all about hardware and technical infrastructure of modern computing devices yet! In 1993, I changed over to a 80486 PC - with some technical progress but no regrets until today: As a real AMD passionate, my actual private PC workhorse is based on an AMD Phenom II X4 955.



England - if you can speak of a country as your passion, for me this will be the United Kingdom. For I studied one semester abroad in Guildford / Surrey (ca. 37 miles S.W. of London) I somehow fell in love with the countryside and the people - maybe I could work there in a couple of years (so all folks from GlaxoSmithKline - you heard it... :-) )!



Drawing and Painting was a nice pastime already at school. My favourite artists are Salvador Dali and René Magritte, my preferred techniques are water colours and pencils. Some experiments with airbrush painting quickly stuck in the beginnings. Unfortunately, I do not have too much time for this distraction...



Model assembly - I am focused on two domains: plastic model kits and, as a special, quite exotic hobby, free-flying model rockets. While stopping the first one due to lack of space (I really like the fiddling, but where the hell should you store the models afterwards?), I am still a passionate model rocketeer. I started this leisure at the age of 11 in a school workshop. The reusable model rockets are built from body tubes of cardboard, fins and cones are mostly made from plastic or balsa wood. They are empowered by commercially available black powder rocket engines. While in my youth, being a model rocketeer was somehow conspirational, today also in Germany a real vivid rocketeer scene exists – thanks to the WWW. Most of the commercial kits, engines and spare parts still come from the home country of model rocketeering, the U.S.A., but several distributors very reliably supply the German market, and even more and more local manufacturers are engaging into this business. For non-insiders some information: My smallest rocket has ca. 30 cm in size while my largest one is 2 meters long. The ceiling point of the flight path is 100 – 300 meters, depending on size and weight of the rocket and the engine thrust. However, professional championship models exceed this many times over. My favourites are scale models (e.g. Lockheed SR-71, Aerospatiale Concorde, Space Shuttle etc.) and small, fast high-flyers.



Flying! One of my favourite desires for my job-life was being a pilot (when I was a child, i.e. centuries ago :-)). So I tried to catch any reachable information about air planes and flying. Well, in fact, nowadays I am a chemist, but the planes haven't lost anything of their fascination. My archives about them sometimes risk to burst my cupboard,and I am well determined to get a private pilot license in the farther future – some day when I am beautiful, rich and famous :-D.



Last but not least the church:
Belief and religion are a central and supporting point in my life. Just for a long time, I have known Jesus Christ as a strong and reliable friend, and this impressive feeling lasts until today. That's why I was well engaged in the youth work in my local parrish St. Agatha, Kleinblittersdorf for more than 16 years, too. A lot of people have asked me yet how I can live with the contradiction of Belief versus Science - shouldn't scientific knowledge be the most convincing proof for the non-existence of God? To these people I want to say:

Each responsible scientist should never forget how amazing and awesome the Creation is. For me, all I learned about chemistry matters is not a proof against but for the Lord; The more you investigate these wonderful correlations in nature, the more it gets improbable that this universe is a mere product of chance and stochastics. And anyone who simply condemns the whole bible because it is historically incorrect and contradicts Darwin's theory of evolution has obviously missed the school courses on study of sources...



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